Jessica Thivenin was worried: her son Maylone was hospitalized

New visit to the hospital for little Maylone. This Friday, September 23, the son of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia had to be taken care of quickly after a big shock.

Maylone has once again scared his parents a lot… Since the birth of their first child, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have been paying special attention to the health of their wonderful boy. While everything was going for the best, Maylone had a new health problem that forced her mother to take her to the hospital this Friday, September 23rd. As usual, Jessica Thivenin did not hide her fears from her subscribers. The young woman spoke on Instagram in the evening to explain what had happened a few hours earlier. “Good evening everyone. It’s 9:30 p.m. and I was in the emergency room at 3 p.m. (…) These noises… it’s complicated. We’re staying in the hospital for one night.”said Jessica Thivenin.

The young woman immediately announced that her son “was better”. “I took him because he was breathing badly, very badly. We took a nap. During the nap I looked at him, I watched him and he was breathing badly, he was making strange noisesJessica Thivenin explained in an Instagram story. When he woke up I hugged him and he threw up. So here we are. I prefer it that way, they’re there.” At the hospital, doctors managed to bring Maylone’s temperature down to 38°C and found a separate room for the little boy. At his request, Thibault Garcia’s wife had the right to spend a (bad) night in a bed placed next to that of his first child. “Maylone is a big boy now, he has his own bed. I used to be glued to him”, added the young woman.

Jessica Thivenin: “It’s complicated to have children”

Jessica Thivenin also published pictures of this hospital room where her son is. “big boy”. At the hospital, the doctors also managed to make Maylone breathe better and stronger “his saturation”, as the worried mother explained. “My god, it’s complicated having kids… Maylone, I gave her crappy health‘ added Jessica Thivenin, who was very worried about her boy. I don’t know how I built it, it’s terrible. I hope Leewane (her second child, ed.) is doing better.” Back at the hospital where her son nearly died several times as a baby, Jessica Thivenin was devastated. “I remember our beginnings. We spent our lives here in this hospital,” remembered the young woman with great emotion and concern.

“Every time I say to myself, ‘Are we ever going to go back there?’ Thank you for your messages, it’s very nice. My husband stayed at home”, She added. Far from that hospital, Thibault Garcia was actually caring for the couple’s second child, Leewane. “He did everything. exclaimed Jessica Thivenin. (…) It’s long ! (…) We’ll try to get some sleep. But there’s no question the family will remain apart for a long time as they communicated via Facetime, where the father was able to see his son being helped on a ventilator. Fortunately, everything should return to normal quickly. And if Jessica Thivenin is so worried, it’s because the little boy was born with esophageal atresia and underwent surgery quickly after birth. After spending several weeks in the hospital, he was finally able to return home.

Jessica Thivenin: How she saved her son

However, his health was no less fragile and he greatly frightened his parents. On December 10, 2019, Maylone was close to death while drinking his bottle. “When I gave it to Thibault and asked him how Marylone was, he told me he was dead and not breathing.” The young woman first explained to her subscribers before sharing reassuring news: “I thought about doing a cardiac massage and after a while it worked, I heard him breathing”. Fortunately, the little boy’s health has improved in recent years. And Maylone is even the lucky big brother of a little Leewane who joined the family on August 22, 2021. Everyone is now looking forward to the little boy finally being able to go home!

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