Bear McCreary forges the music to ‘Rings of Power’

There’s no escaping the latest phenomenon in the new TV series The Rings of Power, inspired by the writings of JRR Tolkien. The funds invested are considerable, which is also reflected in the level of the ambitious soundtrack signed by the American Bear McCreary.

The universe of the British writer JRR Tolkien has been successful since the film adaptations of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson.

The resources that the Amazon Prime platform invests in the new series “The Rings of Power” are significant and it is even reflected in the soundtrack; Rarely have we heard such musical ambition on the small screen. So for a project like this you needed a composer with strong shoulders. And it was the American Bear McCreary who was recruited.

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When the credits of “Rings of Power” are signed by Canadian composer Howard Shore, to whom we owe the striking soundtrack and three Oscar-winning “Lord of the Rings” trilogy directed by Peter Jackson twenty years ago. the rest of the musical composition goes to composer Bear McCreary.

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Bear McCreary’s career skyrocketed

Los Angeles-born 40-year-old McCreary got off to a flying start as a television composer when he penned the music for 2004’s Battlestar Galactica, a daring remake of an acclaimed kitsch 1970s sci-fi series, reflecting his aesthetic and narrative choices. The compositions stand out because they move away from the musical clichés we commonly associate with science fiction. Bear McCreary writes a rich soundtrack of tribal percussion, oriental instruments and minimalistic music, adapted from Philip Glass.

Since then, Bear McCreary’s career has exploded, particularly on television, specializing in the fantasy and science fiction genres. After Battlestar Galactica, it was The Walking Dead, Outlander, and more recently the See and Foundation series. We hear McCreary’s music in hundreds of episodes, dozens of movies, and a few video games. Suffice it to say he had the notoriety and caliber to write the nine hours of music for the first season of The Rings of Power.

Bear McCreary’s work expands on the model developed by Howard Shore: lavish, heroic writing tailored to the mythology, majestic settings, strange creatures, and epic battles of Tolkien’s world. As in Peter Jackson’s films, the score is peppered with a variety of melodies and leitmotifs for the new characters and countries in this series. We’re talking about fifteen different themes just for the first season.

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Respects the musical identity of “Lord of the Rings”.

Bear McCreary also uses a specially developed choral writing that acts as a commentary on the plot. This important space left for singing is reminiscent of the profusion of languages ​​invented from scratch in Tolkien’s novels.

The musical identity of The Lord of the Rings is respected to the letter by Bear McCreary, creating perfect continuity with the soundtracks of Peter Jackson’s films while expanding their musical universe. We can appreciate this titanic work every week, with an album put online when a new episode is released, allowing us to listen to all the compositions produced for the series.

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A downer perhaps: as in the trilogies, we come close to indigestion at times as the music is so rich and constantly supports the plot and dialogues without taking the time to breathe to let the images speak for themselves.

That caveat aside, Bear McCreary’s tour de force is impressive: the melodic palette is memorable, while the quality of composition and dramatic intensity remain constant despite some lengths.

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