the weary heroes, not so weary

Thirty years together, 25 years with the same company… “Les Héros Exhausted” are they even more, exhausted? Well no! The secret? The eternal transformation.

Of love, art and fresh water 2/5:
For a long time, the artist was presented as a loner. In the reflection on his art, which is a priority, the painter or the painter, the writer and the writer could hardly thrive in a married life without forgetting the urgency of his art.

However, intimate life is often at the center of all creation. How a couple’s life inspires creation, what are the issues during creation? Is there competition or emulation? Jealousy or Anger? Confrontations or concessions? How do we divide the roles when it comes to sharing them? So many questions we asked couples of artists working in Valais. They tell us about the couple’s position in their artistic practice. A way also to enter into their creative principle. Because in summary, art and couple are closely connected with each other.

In the mess there are “Dream”, “Tiempos”, “The Strange Journey of Mr. Victor”, “Beware the Wolf!” “Pezzetino” for children, “Carcan”, a burlesque-inspired show, “Modus operandi”, “Dehors avant la porte”, a show for adults and “Rivages” for teenagers. phew! “Les Héros Fourbus” have been creating puppet shows together for a quarter of a century. We asked her about the reason for her longevity, both in creation and in the history of her relationship. For the two facets of her life, which are closely intertwined, one single word, love and as the driving force transformation. We pull the strings of their 25th anniversary.

First of all, any sentimental or professional relationship requires dynamism over time. “We had to get our bearings. Moving forward in the creative process and being in the eyes of the other with everything that goes with it, living together and experiencing personal things required a lot of adjustments for me,” says Danièle Chevrolet,

“When working together, there are always concessions to the way of working, the aesthetics…” continues José-Manuel Ruiz. “Everybody makes these adjustments all the time in their lives. Between private and professional, pragmatic and emotional. And even with yourself.

“We have always been in agreement at the various stages of our evolution”

In the artistic field maybe even more. All of creation is governed by choices: “At some point, you inevitably have to choose what to do. Depending on our abilities, there are places where José-Manuel takes the lead and others where I take it. These places inevitably interpenetrate. It can get tense at times, you have to know how to let go or not. This creative mode has its advantages: “Doubts don’t necessarily come to one or the other at the same time. It turned out to be a strength. When one has less confidence, energy, or doubt, the other can become the driving force,” they say in unison.

difference and complementarity

A concordance that is found in their answers, one intertwined with the other, always checking that each has its place: “The beauty of Danièle is that we go in the same direction on a word, on one, not necessarily the same Way.” A long way, which, as we have seen, required adjustments but also further developments. “We come from a show that we did for a young audience and Danièle said to me: ‘It purrs’. I understood immediately what she meant. The show after we made a big turn was the first show without lyrics. Danièle agrees: “We have always been surprisingly and miraculously united at the different stages of our evolution.”

New development

“Today, as we get into the couple’s story, it’s like getting back to myself, at least for me. Feeling outside the unity of the “creative couple”, Danièle testifies. “I would like to be able to ask myself: And I, if I were alone, how would I function, what choices would I make?” José-Manuel agrees: “For me, there is no idea of ​​finding myself because I’ve never lost myself, but it’s true that as a couple there are things that one would have liked to have achieved and which ones may have been lost.”

“We have always been surprisingly and miraculously united at the various stages of our evolution.”

So, after thirty years of experience, are the heroes still exhausted? “They are, but in a different way,” concludes Danièle. “When we started this company, I was at a time in my life where I was wondering how to keep the faith, the desire, and the momentum. We were in a little low.” Hence the name, because there is a heroic side to daring to dare this career choice. “Today, “tired” is no longer to be understood in the way Nicolas Bouvier hears it, a joyful fatigue of a path traveled.We can look at what we did and tell ourselves that we did what we wanted, which brought us joy and allowed us not to “get involved”… who purrs. “We will say the cheerful heroes” will complete José-Manuel Ruiz.

And the children?
Danièle Chevrolet and José-Manuel Ruiz have three adult children. It was complicated for them at a certain point because they were in a different social context than their other comrades,” notes the mater familias. “They could feel separate, and each kid reacted differently. The eldest, for example, had a great need for integration; she lived it more in conflict mode, the second was quite proud of what we were doing. Today we have quite positive feedback from our children. They tell us that “Despite financial difficulties, those of time management, you were able to achieve your dream. It is the best example you can give us of life.”

Without forgetting that the couple’s children are the basis for the creations of the shows “young audience”. “Without her, I wouldn’t have gone to the puppet theater. We told them many stories and that allowed me to leave the intellectual side of theater and find that part of childhood. This has permeated all of our work, even in adult creations. A space of the soul that remains in this childlike dynamic, curiosity, imagination.

The pragmatist José-Manuel explains: “They didn’t participate as creative people, but became interlocutors because we talked a lot about work at home. It has often happened that a remark or a question from the children, like any conversation with another person, opens doors for you and shows you paths.

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