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With the heat records in most of the territory, we often find ourselves in the shade looking for series to discover in the wonderful Netflix catalog or the no less interesting Canal + and its myCanal platform. Don’t panic: the CNET France editorial team dug up three nuggets to get you started and followed along at your own pace this weekend!

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The series that we recommend you this weekend are: Sense8, Evil Exorcist and dead yet.

What series can you watch on Netflix and Canal+ this weekend?

An Epic Series Around the World: Sense8 (Netflix)


Eight people scattered across the world find themselves connected by a sudden and intense vision. Nomi, Will, Riley, Capheus, Sun, Lito, Kala, and Wolfgang now share their intellectual, emotional, and sensory experiences, and can even intervene in their respective realities. Powers that interest many misguided people, including a mysterious organization with dark intentions.

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Started shortly after success house of cards and Orange is the new black, sense8 remains one of the most ambitious and expensive projects in Netflix history to this day. A science fiction series that explores the question “What unites us as humans?” should answer. with the greatest openness. Creator of the Universe Matrix, V for Vendettaor speed racersLilly and Lana Wachowski, have the services of a recognized and influential comic book and television series writer, J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5).

Filmed entirely on location in 8 cities, sense8 is a world series steeped in generosity in which eight characters, separated by everything, must unite to defeat nebulous foes intent on exploiting their powers. With eight main characters, the series jumps from genre to genre, from reality to reality: from whodunit to Mexican vaudeville to cyberthriller to Hindi romance, sense8 builds its identity on its channel Netflix’s intentions to reach and unite as many viewers as possible around the world.

Fueled by the dynamism of its eight young actors, mostly unknown to the public (with the exception of Tuppence Middleton and Doona Bae, who previously starred with the Wachowskis), sense8 pushes the limits of a globalized series by setting up its cameras during Pride in San Francisco or in Nairobi, Kenya.

If the episodes can often seem too long and convoluted at more than 60 minutes, the series gains energy and positivity as the “cluster” (a kind of mastermind) learns to tame its integration and the interventions of each of its members in the lives of others . Like many of the Wachowskis’ works, however, it is recommended to an informed audience for its outbursts of violence and headline-grabbing orgy scenes.

  • Watch a preview of Season 1:

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A Crazy Animated Series: Bad Exorcist (Netflix)


No demon is safe from Bogdan Boner. The self-taught exorcist born on the bottle returns with even more inventive, lewd and deadly deeds.

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The worldwide success of South Park has inspired many creators around the world to create their own irreverent and decaying universe for 25 years. Such is the case of Bartosz Walaszek, a Pole who a few years ago created the character of Bogdan Boner, a large-caliber motorcyclist with a mustache who has nothing to envy to any of the comic book characters. Joe Bar team.

After the first broadcast of a web series about the character on YouTube, Netflix, which is still relatively small in Poland, ordered two seasons for him Evil Exorcist. Bogdan is therefore flanked by a somewhat cowardly demon, Domino, and a young delinquent, Marcinek, to set up his TPE of exorcism and the eradication of evil forces on call.

Let’s face it: Bogdan isn’t the most competent nor the smartest exorcist, and just like many episodes of South Park, the bloodbaths of each episode nearly wipe out the broken-arms team that is sent to the crime scene. Using exorcism as a ruse, this anti-hero almost misses being caught up in events reminded of by his nemesis Natan, a professional and efficient blonde exorcist.

As long as you let yourself be seduced by the very crass and technical aspect of the characters, Evil Exorcist turns out to be a slightly more adept and genuine trash humor booster shot than some other Netflix animation productions, like the American Farzar Out this summer too.

  • Discover the not very fine team of Bogdan through the trailer:

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A detective series from the macabre era: Dead Still (channel+)


Dublin, 1880. Famous post-mortem portrait photographer Block Bennerhasset is trying to revitalize his business with the help of his niece, Vicky Vickers, and her new assistant. At this point, the rise in the corpses that make up her clientele leads her to investigate the existence of a possible serial killer.

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Difficult to sum up dead yeta curious proposition aired on Irish channel RTE, in co-production with Canadians and Acorn TV, a channel specializing in detective series.

She’s carried by Michael Smiley, a supporting character who’s dragged her gut through movies and series, including Luther (as Benny Silver) and bloodlands (aired on Canal+ last year), who here embodies a fussy professional who offers to commemorate the deceased by giving them a semblance of life, through post-mortem photos surrounded by their loved ones. A fringe practice that gives the series creators the opportunity to bring Block a host of professional problems and frustrations, from being an obsessed husband to a disturbing couple in a remote home in Ireland whose child has just died. .

Block is associated with Frederick Regan (Aidan O’Hare), a Dublin inspector who takes a keen interest in his activities, particularly in the discipline of forensic medicine. This will gradually unveil a series of photographed murders, and Block is the first suspect; However, this seasonal arc is set back in favor of the customers of the week. dead yet particularly privileges the conflicted relationships between Block and his two employees: his own niece, Vicky, and a bumbling undertaker who, fascinated by the company’s work, volunteers as an assistant.

It is not a thriller in the first sense of the word, nor a dramatic comedy in the strict sense Six feet under, but an unexpected exploration of a small business associating with the Victorian high society of the time while being heartily despised. But it is undoubtedly one of the most original proposals of the genre in recent years, served up by a beautiful interpretation.

  • Enter the curious universe of dead yet with the trailer:

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