The 7 Biggest Smartphone Mistakes You Could Make

Smartphones have proven to be an integral part of modern life as they are used to accomplish multiple tasks. Whether it’s waking you up in the morning, keeping you in touch with friends, family and colleagues, or even storing your precious memories, these mobile devices do it all. There is no doubt that users want this little “life-changing” device to function properly for as long as possible. To achieve this goal, users must first know and avoid certain daily habits that affect the lifespan of their phone. Here we will discuss some of the most common and most important smartphone mistakes that you might make.


Using the wrong charger

Many users mistakenly think that all chargers are the same. They think any charger will work just fine as long as a cable plug fits their phones. However, the right charger is important. Cheap chargers are a big no-go. They not only pose a risk of fire and short circuits, but can also affect the lifespan of your smartphone in the short and long term. Always buy chargers from trusted brands after checking their safety and compatibility policies.



Downloading apps from sources other than the official Google Play Store

Some users tend to search other sources of apps if they can’t find them in the Google Play Store. Unofficial sources and third party app stores are not recommended as downloading apps from these sources can expose your devices to malware and rogue apps. These malicious apps can infect devices with viruses and spyware that can steal users’ personal information, passwords, and even banking details. Furthermore, these rogue apps can allow cyber criminals to gain access to your phone’s camera and microphone. Downloading apps from official app stores is the best option as these apps go through a rigorous selection process before being listed.



​No download Android OS and security updates

Mobile brands regularly share software and security updates for mobile operating systems (Android). While some of them are important because they bring new features and design elements to your device, others are security updates that protect the phone from malicious apps and other similar dangers. It is important to download these updates to keep your smartphone running smoothly.



Use old apps on your Android phone

Some users may not like notifications telling them that a new software update is available for certain apps. However, these are essential interruptions that help keep the device running smoothly and securely. These updates not only focus on improving the user experience, but also include security patches that fix newly discovered vulnerabilities. These updates are very important and ignoring them can expose your devices to malware attacks. In addition, these updates also fix some bugs that can cause your handset to malfunction or even slow down. Users should make sure to download and install the update as soon as possible when they receive a notification about it.



​Use of public WiFi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are cheap and easily accessible, but these networks can pose a major security risk. Hackers and attackers who are also connected to these networks can easily view information sent over public Wi-Fi networks. This allows hackers to steal user information and gain access to their devices remotely. In a situation where you need to use a public Wi-Fi network, make sure to use a VPN while connecting to the internet. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are an easy way to securely connect to websites, even on public networks. However, it is better to use mobile data if it is available in such situations.



Do not use a case or back cover

Back covers or phone cases can be helpful to protect your devices from damage. Users should focus more on the quality of the case than the style when looking for a new case for their device. The purpose of these cases is not only to enhance the attractiveness of the phone, but also to effectively protect it from damage caused by falls and other accidents. Silicone phone cases are more durable than other materials and most smartphone brands include such cases in the box.



Jailbreak or root the device to use a modified skin

Jailbreaking and rooting your iOS or Android devices is not illegal. However, devices running on their native interface have more safeguards that prevent users from accessing some vital parts of the phone’s operating system. Using custom ROMs to modify devices can give users access to hidden system settings that allow them to do a lot more with their phones, but it can expose your device to greater security risks. It is important to do some research and go through guides before deciding to root or jailbreak your device, especially for beginners.

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