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What is the keratin in our hair for?

Often associated with hair, specifically its health and strength, keratin is present in other areas of the human body as well as certain animals. It can be used in nutricosmetics in the form of a dietary supplement. But what is his interest?

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The term keratin comes from the ancient Greek ” keratins meaning horn. It is the main component of the appendages, horn-based production of the human body such as hair, nails, body hair in humans, but it is also present in the outer layer of the epidermis. The body may be lacking in keratin, so taking keratin capsules can be beneficial!

What is keratin?

Keratin is an insoluble protein produced by keratinocytes, the cells that line the top layer of skin and form the appendages. It makes up more than 90% of their structure. We are talking about hard keratin at the level of hairNails and hair and soft keratin to denote that of the skin.

This protein is made up of 18 amino acids, including methionine and cystine, which are very high in sulfur. External influences such as pollution, the use of hair dryers, sun exposure, applying nail polish, but also stress or hormonal imbalances can degrade keratin where there is interest in supplementing it.

What are the consequences of a keratin deficiency and why take a supplement?

The lack of keratin is easily recognizable. It is manifested by changes in the appearance of hair and nails. If they have split ends, brittleness and their color becomes dull, it is certain that the hair has a loss of keratin. At the level of the nails, breaks, stains and streaks are the symptoms of this deficiency.

If the adoption of a balanced diet with the consumption of protein-rich foods, zincIron, B vitamins and antioxidants are recommended for healthy hair and nails, it is also possible to supplement your body with keratin.

Maëlys Garnier, Marketing Director of the Dynveo nutraceutical laboratory, explains: “ A 3 month course from pure keratin improves the quality and growth of hair and nails. It will also strengthen the impermeability of the epidermis, maintaining its hydration and creating a protective barrier. And since keratin isn’t renewed, it’s important to take care of your hair, nails, and skin. This is where the cure can be beneficial! »

How do you get keratin into the body?

In their native form, keratin molecules are large in size, so they are poorly absorbed by the body. says Maëlys Garnier. To fully enjoy its benefits, it is better to choose a keratin hydrolyzate. These are small keratin peptides that, thanks to their small size, are better absorbed and therefore more effective. »

In addition to the size of the molecules, the composition also plays a major role in the effectiveness of keratin. ” At Dynveo, we chose a keratin hydrolyzate from New Zealand sheep’s wool because its amino acid composition is closest to the keratin present in our hair. Thanks to this high-precision selection, efficiency is guaranteed! Clinical studies show more than 10% hair growth, 40% shine improvement and 95% volume gain in a 3 month regimen. »

The article was written in collaboration with the Dynveo lab team.

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