OL: The culmination of Fenottes is also that of Jean-Michel Aulas

By winning their 8th Champions League title in their history, the Fenottes have put OL back on the map of Europe. The Lyonnais, once again at the top, did not fail to appreciate the contribution of Jean-Michel Aulas, a visionary ahead of his time with whom they have built a relationship that goes beyond the athlete.

He smiled broadly on the balcony of the Hôtel de Ville. Despite the short night spent to return to Lyon, Jean-Michel Auditorium couldn’t hide his delight at finding Lyon City Hall and seeing his club celebrate a new title with their fans. Unlike in the 2000s, it wasn’t the boys who sang “Who doesn’t jump isn’t a Lyonnais” addressing the crowd, it was the fenotes. In Turin, the Lyonnais have risen to the highest level and once again become the queens of Europe, to the delight of their president.

“They are happy, we are ambitious. Our women are the best in Europe and the world and we still have to win on Sunday to become French champions.” Aulas told the crowd that had come to celebrate the players. Winning eight European titles is something extraordinary and you need extraordinary players to do that, but you also need extraordinary fans. I promise you that we will keep going because the challenge is not to reach the top but to stay there.

A relationship with Les Fenottes that goes beyond the athlete

When he talks about the boys’ sporting situation with distorted expressions, a completely different man presents himself when it comes to standing in the middle of his players. The observed hug between the President and Ada Hegerberg at the awards ceremony on Saturday is also meaningful. Between Jean-Michel Aulas and the women there was almost a father-daughter relationship, far removed from the simple sporting context. It is no coincidence that Sonia’s player Bompastorwho is happy “having the chance to be with an ambitious president”, quickly took him to the Juventus Stadium platform to lift the trophy and then greeted the Lyon coach under the “President, President, President” at City Hall before urging him to come and take his place in the souvenir photo.

“He has a special relationship with this women’s team, he’s very close to them and I think there’s a lot more closeness, affection between the President and the girls than there is with the boys. notes Nicholas Puydebois in As Long As There Are Gones. They give him back a hundredfold what he can give them. He’s cheerful, he’s happy. To be honest, it’s a breath of fresh air for him between Gambardella and the girls.”

The Fenottes have anything but a short memory and if today they have become a reference and live from their passion, they know who they owe it to. Within the women’s department, the work of Jean-Michel Auditorium and its teams for almost twenty years is never minimized. From Wendi Fox from Ada Hegerberg to the youngest like Bacha, they all always have a word to praise the conditions they find themselves in.

“He brings all the necessary ingredients, he doesn’t hold back, he’s always there. Sometimes, between picking a boys’ game and a girls’ game, he picks us and for women’s football we’re incredibly lucky.” admitted Amel Majri on the set of TKYDG. If you look at the other clubs give me the name of the president who does that, there’s nobody there.”

Aulas rediscovers the joy of success

In the difficult times in the capital of Gaul, theOIL Woman represents an escape for a President who has always tried to put the two entities boy and girl on the same level. Even when everything was going well in the Jean-Michel pennant team Auditorium never put the fenotes aside. On the contrary, he has always tried to make it grow by strengthening the workforce and infrastructures… He has been benefiting from it for ten years. As Lyon Mayor Grégory Doucet pointed out at the Sunday celebration, Jean-Michel Aulas is not “Maybe not the forerunner” in women’s football, that privilege goes to her late good friend Louis Nicollin, but he remains a pioneer nonetheless. A visionary who, on a path as good as he remembered, doesn’t want to stop and is willing to put his hand in his pocket for OL to remain “ambitious” and on the roof of Europe.

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