7 months with the Samsung Galaxy S22: I love you, and neither do I

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was my daily companion for seven months. Seven months of passionate love, but also seven months of angry frustrations. Here is my detailed feedback.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

In February 2022, Samsung unveiled a new armada of high-end smartphones, namely the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Three smartphones in different formats – if not unlike the Ultra and its inspiration from the Note range – and sometimes with different strengths despite belonging to the same family.

At the time, I gave the Galaxy S22 the grade 8/10, which ensured the successor. Several aspects of the phone particularly appealed to me, from its design to its grip, including the screen, software interface and photographic versatility.

Others had left me unsatisfied, starting with the autonomy, the relatively slow loading or the fluidity of certain software animations. Then I launched into a ” long-term test – which at Frandroid corresponds to usage over several months. This makes it possible to check all the points raised over a longer period of time or even to identify new ones.

So here is my feedback after seven months with the Galaxy S22. A smartphone love that I’ve also learned to hate.

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Ultimate design and handling

The Galaxy S22 is a little jewel in the hand: compact, light and with sumptuous finishes it becomes irresistible “. It goes without saying that my heart was won when I discovered and tamed the Galaxy S22 last February. So much so that it was awarded a score of 10/10 in the design section.

Seven months later I have no regrets about this review. In terms of handling, it has been one of my best companions in recent years. Its small format is very convenient to use with one hand or to put in a small bag without fear of dropping it when climbing stairs or cycling – which I often do.

The weight of 167 grams is also a clear advantage. The phone is almost forgotten if it is kept in the pants, and most importantly, it does not cause any discomfort when you use it on your sofa or lying in bed for several tens of minutes.

External opinions about its looks were also unanimous: the Galaxy S22 isn’t just beautiful, it’s gorgeous. The visual effect he gave me at the beginning of our idyll hasn’t wavered for a moment over the months. It’s a phone I still devour my eyes without the slightest bit of fatigue.

You still need to take proper care of it. In my first test I wrote that the S22 “is self-sufficient and hardly deserves a hull to admire its full splendor“. In the idea why not. In fact, the falls were numerous and the back of the smartphone did not withstand the few falls.

Result of the races: Even the Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection gave way to a shattered back. The aluminum edges have suffered over time as many scratches have appeared on the screen. One piece of advice if you care about your S22: protect it. Otherwise, I think it’s perfect.

Very nice photos, an optical x3 with small onions

If there’s one sensor I like to have fun with on high-end smartphones, it’s the optical sensor, which offers x2, x3, x5 or even x10 zoom, depending on the model. The Galaxy S22’s is a 10-megapixel x3 telephoto lens that opens at f/2.4. It’s probably this sensor that I used the most during my testing.

Why ? In my opinion, I took the most beautiful photos with a sensor, whether landscapes, food or portraits, with or without a bokeh effect. This optical x3 performs very well thanks to a very good preservation of sharpness and still equally saturated colors, a trademark of Samsung.

The results are even better.

The 50-megapixel wide-angle (f/1.8), the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (f/2.2) and the 10-megapixel selfie sensor have nothing to hide and, depending on the situation, they have given me full satisfaction. For sunset scenes, I sometimes had to go back and forth several times to adjust focus and exposure level to get the result I wanted.

Conclusion: If you are looking for good photos with a phone that sometimes costs under the 700 euro mark on some e-commerce sites, you have an excellent candidate here, with photographic versatility and images that flatter the retina. In this small game, the Pixel 6 Pro clearly has the say, but at a slightly more elite price point.

Software and performance, good and bad

The software part is provided by One UI 4, which we don’t have much to complain about in terms of functionality, practicality and overall appearance. On the other hand, the fluidity of certain animations or the transition from one application to another was sometimes not smooth, especially during a multitasking session.

Overall, I’m left with a hint of disappointment: for a smartphone that was originally sold for 800 euros, I expected a 100% smooth experience even after seven months of use. This is not entirely the case. To put it bluntly: Most of the time everything stayed clear.

Where the Galaxy S22 fishes is at the processor level. When it comes to heating, the Exynos 2200 is a real thorn in the side. During the summer, the phone was on the verge of burning my fingers when I used it to play music, view a route on Google Maps, and reply to friends.

Samsung Galaxy S22
The Samsung Galaxy S22 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

In general, the S22 started to heat up far too quickly for sometimes classic tasks that were being performed simultaneously. The Exynos 2200 SoC doesn’t really belong in such an environment: we really hope that Samsung will target Snapdragon processors for the next-generation Galaxy S.

Not being a mobile gamer, I didn’t max the chip out during a sessionFourteen daysfor example. But according to our test from February 2022, the Galaxy S22 lagged behind, especially in the graphics section.

Not everything should be thrown in the trash either. This is where it’s important to appreciate Samsung’s software monitoring. About every month, a security patch was installed on my phone, which all in all is reassuring. At the end of September I still hadn’t received a stable version of One UI 5 based on Android 13,Vice versasome Oppo phones.

Autonomy and recharging, that’s a big no

So far, my feedback on the Galaxy S22 has been relatively positive. Until we deal with the autonomy and charging of the phone, two big black spots that have helped to cloud my view of things. As we said in our original review, this model had one of the worst aim scores in years.

In everyday life, the autonomy of the S22 was a real problem. It’s too many times that energy bar has gotten dangerously close to 20 or 15%…when the evening is just beginning. Very simple: we had to adapt and acquire new reflexes by going through the charging box regularly in the late afternoon when going out in the evening.

The remaining 10% also tends to drain when operating at the speed of light: I happened to lose 2-3% of the battery in 30 seconds. In short, you better have a charger nearby to quickly connect in such a situation.

Samsung Galaxy S22
Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Speaking of charging, it’s no time to celebrate: it’s a shame that in 2022 and for such a high-end smartphone you’re limited to a power of 25W when most of the competitors climb to at least 33W, if not 65 or 120 W. Not to mention that Samsung doesn’t include a compatible charger in the box.

But even with a compatible block, your phone’s charging time seems too long. A circumstance all the more detrimental given the lack of autonomy offered here by the S22. When battery life is low, we at least expect the phone to charge in no time. This is clearly not the case.

In summary, the Galaxy S22’s autonomy and slow charging are its two main weaknesses that might put off some people and some looking for more durable phones. You can’t imagine how much the Asus Zenfone 9 – one of its competitors – gave me a nice and pleasant breath of fresh air on this criterion.

What results after 7 months of use?

The overall balance of the seven months with the Galaxy S22 remains basically positive, but marred by a paralyzing daily autonomy and too little charging power to start again in a few minutes. These two points were particularly frustrating, if not annoying in the long run.

The Galaxy S22 also fails when it comes to heating, which deviates too much from our expectations due to a processor – the Exynos 2200. Fortunately, the phone’s excellent grip, exquisite design, gorgeous display, balanced software experience, and photographic versatility put our minds at ease.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was ultimately a beautiful love story with its ups and downs. A love story that will remain engraved but that hopefully will become even more beautiful with its successor: the Galaxy S23, expected in early 2023.

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