Rasheed Broadbell: “I will never forget this race”

A shower of stars set fire to the Pontaise Olympic Stadium for Friday night’s Athletissima. Below you will find the reactions of the main international protagonists of the meeting in Lausanne.

Jamaican Rasheed Broadbell posted his personal best in Lausanne on Friday.

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“I’m tired (after the European Championships where he won silver). I came here to have fun because I like this discipline and I do it with these guys. Now it wasn’t about timing or tactics, it was about enjoying the moment for once during the season. That feels good. Why do I have the French team jersey? Because we are French and we have to show it! The truth ? They stole my suitcase at the airport, I still haven’t found it. All my sponsorship gear was in it. So I took my tricolor jersey.

“I worked really hard to get great second parts of the race. I just felt the energy from the crowd and it felt like it was time to attack. Athletissima is a bit like Lea’s (Sprunger) house and therefore a bit mine. I really wanted to put on a good performance for this crowd and I did that with this meeting record. It was weird driving here without Lea, but I was really happy to see her at the side of the track. I just wanted to make her proud.”

“It was a pretty good race. Luckily the rabbit pushed the first 700 meters. The risk was that if he gave up the pace dropped, so I had to push and it went well. But I think I could have gone faster. Today was my third time here and I really like this track and atmosphere.”

“Right now I thank God. I will never forget this race because it’s the first time I’ve done under 13 seconds. I started my season with injuries but as you can see it gets better as it progresses.

“I had a lot of trouble getting into the race, I was completely out of the way in warm-up, but in the end I was quite successful. However, I think I can do even better. I especially like the way I broke this record, but I know my last 200m wasn’t very good, I was a little bit technical. At the end of the season I really want to go less than 57”.

“We pretty much celebrated the medal after the European Championships (note: he won silver in Munich) and I might have accumulated a bit of tiredness. It will come back very quickly but I think it was maybe a bit early to race today. Maybe I underestimated the influence of the EM.

“I would have taken anything under 19.60 so 19.56 is good for tonight. I could have run faster but I will still be running the 100m in Berlin and the 200m in Zurich so I have a lot of competitions ahead of me in the coming weeks.”

“It was a bit windy and the race space was a bit too narrow, but in these conditions the performance tonight is not too bad. I personally couldn’t have done better. I’m in good shape and mentally good with some important meetings coming up. I’ll be defending my third Diamond League title in a row at the final in Zurich, so there’s a lot at stake for me. Of course I want to end my season as well as possible.”

“It was a beautiful night in Lausanne. I like this atmosphere, it was really nice to compete here. I managed to improve my jumps compared to the last competitions. I’m living a fantastic season. I have one more event, who knows what it has in store for me, the world record is still on my mind. I’m looking forward to more jumps and hope to win the Diamond League in Zurich.”

“It’s my first time in Lausanne, I’ve never raced here before. It’s nice to see such an audience today, it’s like Rabat! The stadium is amazing. I’m very happy with my time. It wasn’t easy because it was my first outing after the World Championships (where he won the gold medal).

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