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“Transitions”, a homage to Swiss animation film at the Annecy Festival

To pay tribute to Swiss animation on its 100th anniversary, it is possible to find a number of films from this country during the 46th Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The program for this event transitions from The Swiss Animation Film Group (GSFA) was presented this Monday, June 13th at the Cinéma Pathé.

Since 1921, Swiss animation film has been shaped by a group of artists from different movements. The resulting works have diverse characteristics and different artistic styles. transitions consists of a total of 11 animated short films by young directors or internationally recognized artists

An excerpt from Mr Old Wood

Realized by Robert LortacThis silent film is based on the work of the 19th century Swiss caricaturist: potter. We follow the amorous quest of Mr. “Vieux-Bois”. Between sarcasm, mockery and caricature, this film features a series of animated black and white panels linked to cards that announce the events. The rehearsal comedy rubs against desperation and creates completely absurd situations.


For Housi – a Swiss man who lives a peaceful life in his apartment – everything runs smoothly until his daily routine, orchestrated by a clock radio, is turned upside down by the arrival of a new neighbor.

This stop motion short film directed by Fabio Friedl, Marius Portman, Andrew Schneider and Loretta Arnold metaphorizes the fear of the unknown, that totally irrational fear of the other that results from the stereotypes generated by society. This social satire treats an extremely polemical topic with humor.

plug and play

In this short film Michael Free brings little creatures to life, whose head is replaced by a socket. On a black or white background, they move and meet each other in repeated movements. As the film progresses, sexual innuendos and the words “yes” and “no” accumulate. Is the subject of sexual consent addressed?

Gypaetus Helveticus

The Swiss bearded vulture is a bird that has experienced inexplicable human persecution. in this movie Marcel Barelli looks back on its horrible history and collects historical and artistic references. We find experimental cinema with the decline of film, classics of art history – painting Tres de mayo by Goya. Barelli constantly draws parallels between this bird and the Holocaust, multiplying the allusions to the extermination that this people suffered.


The world works in a tight cycle in which everyone plays a role. The ecosystem of circuit from Delia Hess works the same way, but these roles don’t follow any real logic. The characters perform actions in a loop in a cycle that starts over forever.

i can see the dust

This short film was produced by a 2D computer Lottie Bauer features geometric shapes related to cleaning objects (vacuum cleaner, broom, rag).

The cableway

Claudius Gentinetta and Frank Brown present a moving short film. We follow a man sitting in a narrow cable car crossing the mountains. Despite the danger he constantly touches, he remains impassive and keeps his calm, tirelessly repeating two words: “You’re welcome”. A story that makes you want to take every event, even the most painful, calmly.

Ruben leaves

Featuring a duochrome design that mixes a bright yellow and a blue, Frederick Seal leads us into the mind of Ruben, this young man who is plagued by obsessions. He thinks about the door he didn’t shut, the gas he didn’t turn off, and the more he panics, the more nonsensical his thoughts become.


At the beginning of the 20th century directors developed new techniques to act directly in the film. Eve and Guido Haas Using the same logic, start by recognizing tendencies from a “specially developed process for the controlled formation of microstructures in the film emulsion”. You get an abstract film to the music “The Dave Brubeck Quartet”.


LOrenz Wunderle takes us into a gloomy world of fluorescent colors whose aesthetics refer to those of Rick and Morty. We follow the tragic fate of a fox who lost his entire family. Completely desperate, he sinks into alcohol and navigates through a bar with a punk and noir atmosphere.

White + Black = Red

This program ends with a pacifist short film by Simone Giampaolo Mixing drawing and real images.

The Annecy Festival offers us here a great program of all original short films.

Visual: ©coyote Lorenz Wunderle

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