Pork ointment: use, wart, danger, minimum age

Pork ointment is a drug particularly indicated for the local treatment of warts. How effective is it and how should it be used? The answers with dermatologist Marie-Estelle Roux.

Definition: What is pork ointment?

“The pig ointment, which takes its name from the pharmacist who developed it, is a medicine indicated for the concomitant treatment of warts, corns and calluses‘ states dermatologist Marie-Estelle Roux. It is one Vaseline consisting of 50% salicylic acid which is used for its keratolytic effect. “It means she removes a layer of keratin from the stratum corneumsuperficial part of the skin‘ the specialist explains.

Pork ointment is administered by local application.It is recommended to apply after a hot bath for example, when the skin is softened, and apply it to the lesion“, explains the dermatologist. You can put one small bandage after application. “I don’t always recommend it as it can spread the ointment everywhere“, she specifies. But the bandage can be useful if, for example, you want to treat a wart that is on one toe. In this case, it allows the protection of the other toes. It must be applied once a day or every other day until you see improvement.

How effective against warts?

“Whatever treatment you choose for warts, their effectiveness is very incidental“, says Dr. Marie-Estelle Roux. “If the pig ointment does not work, we recommend taking turns with other types of treatments“, she adds. If you want to use it on a wart, you have to be careful to only apply it to the wart, not around it, to avoid burning the skin. It has to be applied once a day or every other day until you see improvement.

How effective against corns?

is pork pomade effective against corns.It must be applied once a day or every other day until you see improvement. “But there is always a mechanical reason for a horn to appear“, recalls Dr. Marie-Estelle Roux. “Therefore, if this origin is not specifically targeted, the corn is likely to return‘ she adds. If a corn persists, you need to see a podiatrist who can treat it and prevent it from getting worse and causing severe pain.

From what age should pork ointment be used?

Pork ointment can be administered children with warts. “For these young patients, we recommend small amounts, distance application (2 to 3 times a week) because their skin is thinner‘ emphasizes Marie-Estelle Roux.

Is it available in pharmacies without a prescription?

Pork ointment is available over the counter in pharmacies.

What are the dangers of pork ointment?

“The main risk of using pork ointment is spill over to healthy skin around the lesion and cause irritation explains the dermatologist.

What precautions to take?

“We have to try do not protrude from the lesion so as not to irritate the healthy parts of the epidermis where the skin is thinner“, she emphasizes. In any case, this treatment shouldn’t hurt.”If you feel pain, it’s because you’ve applied too much or touched healthy skin.“, warns Marie-Estelle Roux. It is then necessary to wait a few days before proceeding. Wash your hands after each use and avoid contact with healthy skin or mucous membranes.

Avoid contact with healthy skin or mucous membranes

What is the price and is it refundable?

It’s not pork ointment not reimbursed by health insurance. A 10g jar usually costs between 8 and 10 euros in the pharmacy.

thanks to dr Marie-Estelle Roux, dermatologist and venereologist in Paris.

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