Comic-Con takes on the air of Game of Thrones thanks to its prequel

Nomadic hobbits, enslaved elves, a bearded dwarf and a Balrog: Amazon has finally lifted the lid on the highly anticipated series of Lord of the Rings, which premieres for fans Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The ambitious adaptation of the universe created by JRR Tolkien in his novels began when Amazon Prime bought the rights for $250 million about five years ago.

Comic-Con fans, many of whom lined up all night to secure a seat in the room, were treated to exclusive clips from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1, as well as interviews with the creators of the series and about twenty actors.

“As fans, viewers and lovers of Middle-earth and Tolkien, we didn’t want to do a parallel thing or spin-off series,” said series co-creator Patrick McKay. “We wanted to create a massive, epic Tolkien thing. And Amazon was awesome and crazy enough to say, ‘Yeah, here we go,'” he added.

“10,000 years of history”

Amazon is said to have estimated over a billion dollars for the five seasons of “Rings of Power”, which should each run for ten hours. The first season, which will air from September 2nd, “reintroduces” the world of Middle-earth, points out Patrick McKay.

There are notably very rejuvenated versions of Galadriel and Elrond (Morfydd Clark and Robert Aramayo) since the series, while the Elves are meant to be eternal, is set 4000 years before the Peter Jackson film trilogy. More specifically, “The Rings of Power” has as its setting the “Second Age,” a fictional historical period of the universe invented by Tolkien and about which he provided relatively few details.

The creators of the series therefore had more opportunities to let their imagination run wild. “The road was wide open,” says co-creator JD Payne. “Amazon took over the rights to about 10,000 years of Middle-earth history and said, ‘Okay guys, we’re open to all ideas.'” “We think The Second Age is really great. It’s an incredible untold story from Tolkien, so iconic with the creation of the Rings of Power,” says the screenwriter.

“An Entire City”

This series is said to be a personal obsession of the founder of Amazon, the multi-billionaire founder of Amazon. Above all, it is the most spectacular blow the group has ever played in the “streaming war” against its big competitors Netflix and Disney +. A large portion of the show’s budget was spent on building extraordinary sets and costumes that delighted the fans gathered in San Diego.

Although the plot remains confidential, the excerpts broadcast on Friday presented in particular the island of Numenor, the details of which were projected on a giant screen that occupied three quarters of the room and provoked applause from viewers. “We built as much as humans could,” said Executive Producer Lindsey Weber.

“We built a whole city with multiple blocks and a whole wharf, it’s crazy and gigantic,” added Patrick McKay. A clipping also shows a group of Harfoots (“hairy feet” in the French translation of the novels), nomadic ancestors of hobbits who live in caravans rather than in holes like their Lord of the Rings descendants.

chained elves

Other images show a dwarf kingdom and the first appearance of a dwarf – bearded like their fellow creatures – in the story of the saga, or even a group of elves being chained and forced into hard labor by terrible orcs. The series is going up against the Game of Thrones spin-off series House of the Dragon, which debuts at HBO’s Comic-Con on Saturday, in terms of popularity and viewership.

This is the first time in three years that the festival dedicated to fantasy in all its forms is back live after two virtual editions due to the pandemic. Disney will conclude the event on Saturday with the presentation of its future productions, and many fans are hoping to discover images of the next Marvel film dedicated to the superhero Black Panther, “Wakanda Forever”.

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