Cannes is doing the balancing act with Kirill Serebrennikov and Tom Cruise

“No to war!” The Russian dissident filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov started at the Cannes Film Festival (southern France) on Wednesday. Hollywood star Tom Cruise, expected on the red carpet, defended the dark rooms.

“No to war! (…) I am firmly convinced that people with culture are able to end this war… This end will come and we will live in peace,” said the 52-year-old, touched – old director.

The one who was finally able to walk the red carpet after years of house arrest presented his new film “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” while soberly climbing the stairs, which was applauded by the audience for minutes.

Kirill Serebrennikov, known for his daring creations and support for LGBT+ people, opens the Cannes competition with a film that offers an intimate glimpse into the brief and disastrous marriage of composer Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky.

A political film? “Every work of art has political content,” he said as he climbed the steps.

Send out a strong signal

With the presentation of this film on the first day of the competition, the festival wants to send a strong signal against the Russian invasion of Ukraine after a remote intervention by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on Tuesday evening.

Added to this is the programming of several Ukrainian films or the evocation of the fate of the country, including “Mariupol 2” by the Lithuanian manta rays Kvedaravicius, who was killed in Ukraine in early April. The film premieres on Thursday.

As long as the war continues, the World Cinema Meeting refuses to welcome “official Russian representatives, government agencies, or journalists representing the official Russian line,” but it has always agreed to welcome dissenting voices.

This is the second year in a row that the director is aiming for a Palme d’Or. Under house arrest in Moscow last year he remotely presented his feature film “Petrov Fever”. In the Palais des Festivals, the armchair with his name remained empty, as in 2017 at the presentation of “Leto”.

The politician, who now lives in Berlin, told AFP at the end of April that he had left Moscow “for reasons of conscience”, even if he refused to be called a dissident.

political tradition

On Tuesday, during the press conference, the president of the jury, Vincent Lindon, had estimated that it was necessary “to be careful, to be dignified, to be respectful (…) only by paying tribute to those who have days much more complicated than ours”, especially in Ukraine.

This support is part of the political tradition of the festival, which celebrates its 75th edition this year. Like in 2010, when Thierry Frémaux and the Cannes Film Festival showed their support for director Jafar Panahi by inviting him to be a member of the jury while he was imprisoned in Iran.

Cruise receives a palme d’honneur

A few hours apart, the arrival of Star Tom Cruise by helicopter caused a stir, according to an AFP request from Cannes City Hall.

Shortly before the screening of “Top Gun: Maverick”, 36 years after the first opus, the actor received a palm of honor. “Surprise!” tweeted the festival announcing this award.

He had previously hosted a master class defending cinemas against streaming platforms. Surprise!” the festival tweeted when announcing the award. He previously hosted a master class defending cinemas against streaming platforms.

“I make films for the big screen. My films are not released directly on the platforms. Going to the cinema means sharing an experience, regardless of our culture or our language. I will see the films in theaters when they come out . I said on my hat (unrecognizable),” the star explained, to an ovation from 1,000 viewers.

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