Fifth.  The Prix de la Forêt de Chantilly this Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Fifth. The Normandy Region Prize in Dieppe this Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

Heading towards Dieppe this Tuesday, August 30, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + where the Prix de la Région Normandie must compete as runners. The race is held over 1100 meters and is endowed with €50,000.

In this event Sassy Rascal (9) got off to a bad start in July, she had a less clear but rather encouraging finish to the race. It was last disappointing in Deauville. So she needs confirmation. However, if we judge it by its attempt at Cannes, it can win a place, although we must not lose sight of the fact that it will be competing against the elders for the first time.

Geny’s secrets

Ms. Anne-Sophie Crombez: Baileys Blues (1) likes soft, even heavy soils. It’s been a bit of an “off” year with him, but at some point you have to run to keep him up. We’re trying Australian blinders. He’s in shape. Only the terrain is a problem. He never did particularly well in Dieppe either, but he has to race to prepare for the fall.

Stephane Wattel: Mysterious Land (2) did poorly last time, but I don’t know why… Looks good to me in the morning. However, this is a shorter test. He needs validation. Milord’s Song (3) is a horse who is in top form this time of year. He’s a good servant, seems good to me. He has to go, I don’t know if it’s going to be embarrassing or not. If he can benefit from a good ride in the right car, he can participate in the finish.

Matthew Boutin: Tudo Bem (4) continues to perform well despite expending a lot of energy during the course. Since then he has been in excellent physical and mental condition. Flawless in Dieppe, I hope to see him fight for the first places.

Jean Vincent Cough: Mubaalegh (5) is well known at this level as he will be playing his eleventh tournament. Finally, in the sprinter’s Grand Handicap, he defended himself well and just missed out on a better placement. Competitive at this price should not be forgotten when choosing. He’s a contender for the top spots.

Andrew Hollinshead: Crew Dragon (6) is in good shape. He enjoys the Dieppe racecourse. He can certainly finish in the top five but race conditions are changing. He is certainly better in less offered starters. However, in its current form, it cannot be eliminated.

Mario Barati: Marie’s Picnic (7) has remained in good form since his last outing. The batch seems less strong to me than last time. If the race goes well, I think it can be placed. At this value, it is necessary to benefit from a tailored course to succeed.

Romain Le Dren Doleuze: Shalgoda Diamond (8) was unhappy with the ropes every time she ran straights. It’s the kind of race where you can tell she has the level but no scope. However, he is consistent and can perform with a good journey.

Eoghan-J. O’Neill: Hallowed Time (10) bucked up and recently opened his booth in front of the others. However, he started very late and the race was over. It deserves a buyback because although it’s penalized by the weight, I think it can defend itself well in so much. His form is unmistakable in training. A location cannot be ruled out.

Henri Alex Pantal: Heads or Tails (11) is a rather tense colt. If we manage to relax him that may be enough because he has shown he has the means to do so. Everything will depend on his behavior. It’s not a sure hit. It’s…heads or tails!

Yann Lerner: Yellow Curry (12) was a recent addition to the handicap category and performed very well. The filly has remained in fine form and will try the older horses this time. The game isn’t won in advance but I think it holds its own for places at least, especially since its value has been revised down by two pounds.

Ms Gina Rarick: Detesnouvelles (13) will face his elders. At these distances there isn’t that much choice of engagements. If she runs the same distance as in Deauville, she would need 1400 meters. It’s a hundred meters less than last time. It doesn’t look easy before the start, but we’ll do everything we can to get a place.

Gavin Hernon: Fleur de Baileys (14) won well last time out in Deauville. She is in very good shape but I would have preferred it if there was some rain. It’s heading into the right field, but to win a straight that’s more against the “oldies” it’s first encountering would need deeper ground. In this case, she has the right to be on target.

Frederic head: Al Ula (15) ran well in Deauville just two weeks ago. She stayed fine. The distance is slightly shorter, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Mario Hofer: Gamgoom (16) would have been better in the second round. It’s not easy for him here. We will see.

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