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The government is proactively monitoring monkeypox and has taken the necessary measures to deal with its possible developments, Minister for Relations with Parliament and government spokesman Mustafa Baitas assured in Rabat on Thursday.

“The Ministry of Health has been working proactively on this issue and has taken a number of necessary measures to monitor the development of this disease in accordance with international health standards,” Baitas pointed this out. The minister said that the laboratory results of the three suspected cases of monkeypox found in Morocco were negative, adding that the suspects placed under medical supervision are in good health and are being treated in accordance with current health procedures.

monkey pox. Credit: Le Desk/Mohamed Mhannaoui

The disease is mainly transmitted by animals, especially primates and rodents such as rats, by biting, scratching or eating their flesh.

However, anyone who has had direct, unprotected physical contact with the compromised skin or biological fluids of a probable or confirmed symptomatic case, regardless of the circumstances, including in a healthcare facility or while sharing toiletry items or contact with textiles (clothing, bath linens, bedding) or dishes are considered risky contact. The same applies to anyone who has had unprotected contact within 2 meters for 3 hours with a probable or confirmed symptomatic case (close or trusted friend, traffic environment, office colleague, sports club, etc.).

monkey pox. Credit: Le Desk/Mohamed Mhannaoui

To this end, the Department of Health and Social Protection has assured that it has put in place a system to respond quickly to the global monkeypox alert. This system defines the cases of infection (suspected case, probable case and confirmed case) and the type of medical care and care for his contacts.

A probable case of smallpox is any person presenting with a vesicular or vesiculopustular rash with fever greater than 38°C and the usual causes, particularly chickenpox, measles, herpes, rickettsiosis, or a possible allergic reaction , were excluded.

A case of smallpox is corroborated by being a probable case in which monkeypox virus infection has been laboratory-confirmed by molecular engineering, it adds.

monkey pox. Credit: Le Desk/Mohamed Mhannaoui

Any suspected or probable case must be reported immediately to the provincial/prefectural health authority in charge of the health facility (public or private) where the doctor made the diagnosis. The provincial/prefectural delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is urgently coordinating with the regional public health service to review the case definition and proceed with the epidemiological investigation once the case is determined to be a probable case. .

If a person considers themselves a suspected case, the following system should be followed: Self-isolation for 3 weeks after last contact with the probable or confirmed case, with twice-daily temperature monitoring. The provincial/prefectural Rapid Response Team (RRT) must set up regular telephone follow-ups to verify the absence of symptoms of the disease. Finally, a contact should not go to a health facility in case of fever or rash, their care will be organized by the EIR, we conclude.

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