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The following is a direct excerpt from Marty’s Bent Issue #1257: “Success through Ultimate Utility.” Subscribe to the newsletter here.

I am currently on a flight from Newark to Oslo, Norway en route to Riga, Latvia for the Baltic Honey Badger Conference hosted by HodlHodl. Please excuse any typos as I am stuck in my seat like a sardine with the laptop screen half open due to the lady in front of me having her seat wedged all the way back.

I wanted to address something that Pete Rizzo said recently on the What Bitcoin Did podcast that really stuck in my mind. He argued that bitcoiners should look into the usefulness of bitcoin and that it is a money and settlement network vastly superior to the existing monetary system in every objective way, rather than hoping that the world will burn down and bitcoin will be a product of the failure of Fiat is successful. Here’s the clip for those interested.

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