Laurent Ruquier leaves France 2: These secrets that appeal to fans…

Laurent Ruquier stops everything: here are all the details on his career end at France 2! His colleagues speak…

Laurent Ruquier is busy with TV and radio projects. Tired or bored, he lets you know that nothing is happening at France 2. Ouch…

Laurent Ruquier half fig, half grape

Laurent Ruquier has been participating in the On est en direct program since the beginning of the pandemic. Confused with his producer, Catherine Barma, he had to review his copy. And yes, even if he is used to it, it is never easy to find a concept or to get the guests to participate.

To help him in this task, he offered Léa Salamé to accompany him. However, more and more rumors indicate that he will give up his chair at the beginning of the next school year.

After 16 years of love for France 2, will the PAF giant retire to pursue other projects?

In this article, People Act Magazine told you how much his sweetheart Hugo Manos dreamed of becoming a father. where is the truth Let’s go, follow the guide!

This joke by Laurent Ruquier that doesn’t go through

If you’re a Laurent Ruquier fan, you’ll have a hard time waiting for the weekend. Between On est en direct and Les enfants de la télé, the presenter tries to find the right tone each time. Unfortunately, his voice shows signs of weakness from time to time. This was particularly the case during the recording of this latest installment of Les Grosses Têtes.

Exceptionally, members make the trip. From the airwaves of RTL, they took place at La Plaine Saint-Denis’ Studio 130.

Complicated with his beloved columnist Sébastien Tohen, the star presenter said. “My future at France 2 is already not written […] You also think that this show is going to prank me last night.

Unable to speak properly without suffering, Laurent Ruquier prefers to laugh. He also reveals part of the backstage area of ​​the show to the listeners.

When this episode airs, don’t be surprised at the unfortunate outcome. Amused, declares this perfectionist at heart. “I think we had to record three hours, at France 2 they will think about finding 45 minutes that can be broadcast.” Instead of being anxious, he now seems completely distant. The People Act Magazine team feels he has nothing left to lose. Not you ?

And Leah Salame?

In the Télé-Loisirs columns, Laurent Ruquier’s accomplice bangs her fist on the table. Tired of reading everything and its opposite in the press, she scores with the I. “Laurent thinks and discusses with the channel managers. I’m not sure he made his final decision. For her part, she admits that she is also in talks with management and her partner. The goal is to find out if the adventure continues together… or not! What unbearable tension!

Undoubtedly, this will affect the career of one or the other. First of all, asked by Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen to liven up the debate between two towers, Raphaël Glucksmann’s favorite has the wind in his sails. Does she really seem unaware of what’s going on around her?

The only principle that will not be deviated from is an unlikely transfer to TF1. More than ever she remains “very connected to the public service”. While the President of the Republic has just abolished television license fees, no one knows who will subsidize the group’s new projects or those of Radio France.

Laurent Ruquier

Finally she remembers with a smile that she owes him a lot. Let’s not forget that he trusted her as his columnist for several seasons of We Don’t Lie. It wasn’t always easy alongside Aymeric Caron and Yann Moix, but she thinks they did a good job. As proof: “The spectators were there. I had fun. I laughed. »

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