Here’s how to make the most of the full moon on September 10, 2022

Amidst the excitement of the new school year, all we needed was for the stars to get involved. We could expect it. They wouldn’t pass up this great opportunity to send us life lessons in the face when we’re just getting used to early awakenings and fifteen reminders a day.

If you follow astrological Instagram accounts, you may have read or heard the phrase “Full Harvest Moon.” Being closest to the autumnal equinox, it alludes to the time when farmers could use its light to harvest their crops after dark. But above all, it has an important astrological meaning that it would be a shame to ignore at the end of summer. Not to mention that she promises to be pretty gorgeous: even the magazine forbes dedicated an article to him on September 7th.

In 2022 the harvest moon falls on September 10, which begins simultaneously with Mercury retrograde. Rest assured: this Full Moon in Pisces, conjunction Neptune and sextile Uranus, promises not only misunderstandings and other misunderstandings.

transitions and revelations

We are in the middle of the Virgo season which runs from August 22nd to September 22nd. It’s a characteristically changeable time for Belgian astrologer Shana Lyès: “Mostly because it’s the end of summer, but because there’s also an energy shift in the sky,” she notes on Instagram. It can bring a wave of change and the establishment of a new routine.”

This resonates with some back-to-school classics, the season of first showers, new agendas and the return of crowded buses. So the arrival of this particular full moon, coupled with an entry into Mercury retrograde, seems no coincidence.

To help us make the most of September 10th, we asked our astrologer Viviane de Capricorn for some clarification. “This full moon takes place very close to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces who rules over the unseen underwater worlds,” she explains.

It’s time for the disclosures, what was hidden is being revealed again as everyone’s receptivity is heightened (even if you’re not Pisces!).

Assuming we’re open to these messages, how can we use them to get the fall off to a good start? “It’s an opportunity to find inner peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle, to listen to your little voice,” says Viviane. Neptune, like all distant planets (from Saturn to Pluto), is currently retrograde. That is, what is happening remains in restraint, subtlety, introspection. The great social upheavals have slowed down. Beware of sextile Uranus, though, which may have some (good) surprises in store!”

The Effect of Mercury

Finally, we are also preparing for our friend Mercury who, when he has the bright idea of ​​going retrograde, often sows chaos in our organization. As a reminder, this famous astronomical phenomenon is just a simple optical illusion, as the planet in question appears to be receding or stagnating rather than continuing its usual trajectory. In astrology, however, it’s a notable phase that can explain many daily “bugs”: “Mercury retrograde in Libra from September 10th to October 2nd, our astrologer adds. This can jam the compass, so it’s important to be well centered and not disturbed by frying on the communication lines.

We have been warned that while Sunday, September 10th is a perfect time to listen to your inner voice and admire the moonlight, it also marks the beginning of a potentially turbulent time. It’s up to us to find beauty and creativity in the chaos.

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