Football: Nsame: “We sometimes mistakenly believe that it’s better somewhere else than in Switzerland”


The injured striker, who was loaned to Venice, hasn’t scored in over a year. He’s back at Young Boys. Interview.

Jean-Pierre Nsame is happy to score again.


First happiness and then pain, but severe pain tearing the fragile happiness apart. And then more than a year of emptiness. The abbreviation doesn’t say everything, but it still summarizes what Jean-Pierre Nsame experienced. On May 15, 2021, he suffered a torn Achilles tendon while scoring a goal. He hasn’t scored since then, concentrating on his rehabilitation and on that complicated loan to Venice, the last six months. But the striker is back in Switzerland. At YB. where he shone.

This transfer that isn’t one is perhaps the best transfer window move in the Super League. At 29, Raphaël Wicky will have a goalscoring machine. For real? After more than a year without a goal in official competition, is Jean-Pierre Nsame still that surgical finisher (32 goals in 32 league games in the 2019/2020 season, 19 successes in the following season)? We hear him smile. He’s ready to talk about anything.

Jean-Pierre, we don’t lie to each other: although there is every reason for it, it’s been over a year since you scored a goal in the league. how do you live it

The things I have no control over I don’t dwell on. It’s a philosophy of life, I’m working on it on a mental level. In my case it’s simple: I suffered a serious injury, I worked to get back to the level, that was the first half year. After that there was this loan in Venice where things didn’t go as planned, not as I was told what was going to happen in terms of playing time for example. I did what I could do under the circumstances. It was complicated, but it made me grow even more. And now I’m back at YB.

Is this brief Serie A stint in Venice a failure?

no But it allowed me to open my eyes to certain realities. Sometimes it is wrongly assumed that things are better elsewhere than in Switzerland. I wanted to get a taste of one of the five major championships, I was looking for it, I wanted to deal with something new, with a different way of working. Nothing has been easy, but I remain content with my personal investment despite the little playing time I’ve been given.

What happened in Venice?

I was assured that they would count on me to have playing time, but things didn’t go as planned. I understand that we are in competition, no problem with that. But once I was ready, performed well in practice and realized in the few minutes of play I was given at the end of the game, it didn’t change anything. Without giving me an explanation. The environment in Venice was not healthy, there was internal turmoil that I had no control over. i suffered So every day I focused on myself, my performance, my work. I’ve stayed professional and with this plan I’m proud of what I’ve done. I don’t come back to YB like someone who failed.

Did you have contact with Young Boys when you were in Venice?

Yes. I was in contact with Christoph Spycher several times. We spoke in particular of my experience, of my experience on the ground. He told me about YB’s project for this season, Expectations. I found everything I expected. It’s very stimulating. I have a contract with YB until 2024. I’m not coming back to leave, I’m concentrating on YB. I gave my word, I will keep it.

“I’m not coming back to leave again, I’m concentrating on YB. I gave my word, I will keep it.

Jesn-Pierre Nsame, who is committed to YB until 2024

Even if a big offer came from a big club after a brilliant start to the season?

I can turn down offers for children, I have already done so. I know the quality of the environment at YB. After that, if a big offer comes in, maybe we’ll talk. But I’m not there, I’m just concentrating on YB. There’s now Steve von Bergen as sporting director, a lot of energy, he’s close to us, the players.

And there’s a new coach, Raphaël Wicky…

From day one of recovery we spoke to each other. To evoke Venice, but also YB, his style. He’s a coach trying to calm you down. Everything is fine, something is happening in Bern.

With a Nsame as the future Championship top scorer, like in the last two seasons before your injury?

I’ve never argued like that, set myself goals like that. I know what I’ve done here, at YB, I suspect people will judge me by that, I anticipated it. But I’m back to write another page. I’m fine, physically, mentally, my tendon no longer causes the slightest problem. I’m done.

You had left the 2021 YB champions by injuring yourself. You’ll find him now after a season that ended in third place…

It’s true, it’s strange. The club has ambitions, energy. I want the club to be where it needs to be at the end of the season, where I left it in 2021. That’s the most important. If I can personally contribute afterwards, so much the better.

“I want the club to be where it needs to be at the end of the season, where I left it in 2021.”

Jean-Pierre Nsame wants Young Boys to regain the top spot in the Super League

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