Discover the 10 apps in the race for the Master of Swiss Apps 2022

The Best of Swiss Apps jury has announced the 10 candidates for the title Master of Swiss Apps 2022. Among the 195 candidate projects, the nominees stood out. The jury, the audience present on the night of the award ceremony on November 2nd and Netzwoche subscribers decide equally which project will be chosen as a Master.

The ten projects in the running:

1. AR Tour

To mark the 125th anniversary, Roche is offering the city of Basel an augmented reality exhibition that enables users of the “ARTour” app to experience ten virtual works of art at different locations in the pharmaceutical metropolis. A beautiful and clear design with a successful combination of content and technology. The app convinces with a modern, well-designed interface and clear calls-to-action that lead to discovering Basel.

2. Chicory

Chicory proves that it is possible to increase store traffic with a fun app. This innovative touchpoint offers, among other things, a bonus program, daily chances to win, coupons and exclusive online shopping events, thus generating attention and strong user engagement. Congratulations to the publishing house, which is successfully standing up to the big international competition.

3. e-train

The smart government solution “eZug” combines a wide range of services for residents in a single application. Administrative documents such as extracts from the debt collection register, certificates of residence and parking permits can be easily ordered and paid for using the application thanks to the integrated authentication. Many tedious passages in the office are finally being digitized – a clever solution that will hopefully inspire other cantons as well.

4th Grand Tour Switzerland

The “Grand Tour of Switzerland” app takes Switzerland Tourism’s product of the same name to the next level. It is very easy to create a road trip throughout Switzerland. In fact, the entire user journey is covered, from inspiration to experience to planning. The Grand Tour App presents itself in a uniform and attractive design with large-format images, information screens and neat details.

5. Kunsthaus Zurich visitor guide

The Kunsthaus Zürich visitor guide is a successful web application, very solidly implemented and intuitive to use despite the bold navigation concept. At the same time, the user finds out where he is and which works are in the vicinity and how he can be guided to the desired exhibition. The user interface is modern and reduced and thus fits perfectly with the Kunsthaus Zürich brand.

6. Panda

With the Pando app, Swiss Life is breaking new ground in ecological asset management. The aesthetically appealing app convinces with self-explanatory navigation and a clear user experience. The consistent and uncomplicated entry into the green investment market deserves ecological recognition and sets new milestones in the already diverse area of ​​third-pillar apps.

7. Rivella Bottle Hunt

With “Bottle Hunt”, Rivella has implemented the Swiss version of Pokémon GO, with the difference that the point here was to collect virtual PET bottles instead of mythical creatures. And thanks to an original implementation of gamification, a wide range of weekly and instant prizes, sharing functions and the targeted use of push notifications, users were very engaged – almost 2.6 million bottles were collected and turned this original idea into a successful one Campaign.

8. Sanitas portal

The Sanitas app impresses with a reduced, but still very attractive design and a comprehensive range of digital services – whether in the event of illness, accident, visits to the authorities, but also for prevention. Notable is the ability to pay bills directly in the app. Despite the large number of functions, the application is easy for the user because the desired function can be carried out quickly and in various self-explanatory ways.

9. SBB mobile

The redesigned SBB Mobile App impresses with a well thought-out navigation that allows quick and easy access to the many functions. You will be surprised and inspired by innovative new functions such as automatic train recognition via beacons, position release in the train or error messages for your personal commute. Friendly icons and smooth animations make SBB Mobile a classic Swiss app.

10. Teena

Puberty is here and with it the first menstruation for young girls – and at the same time a time of uncertainty and unpleasant surprises for many. With the Teena app and the associated Bluetooth thermometer, young women get to know their bodies and their cycles in a playful and intelligent way. Daily measurements are precisely analyzed and evaluated, and the modern and unconventional design is adapted. Teena is therefore a success on all levels: functionally, visually and in terms of content.

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