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Book Publications, Comics – A mammoth in comics, the colossus Javier Cercas in thrillers and other thrillers

A mammoth in comics, the colossus Javier Cercas in Polar and other thrills

“Mister Mammoth”, a lonely transatlantic colossus

Valuable travel photographs urgently to be discovered.

“Independence”, the continuation of the adventures of Melchor

Javier Cercas continues his literary search in crime novels with
Javier Cercas had come to Morges to present Terra Alta in 2021, a novel that earned him the Planeta Prize.
Far from resting on his academic laurels, Spaniard Javier Cercas, 60, likes to be constantly on the lookout for literary innovation.

Holy badger who wants to fish monsters!

Badger's dreams are sometimes bigger than his fat little belly...
Second volume of the adventures of the friends of the forest without foam, by Olivier Desvaux.  Simple, beautiful, direct... and easier than fishing in the pond.

Dark night and bright characters

Catherine Rolland, writer attracted to the world of night and sadness.

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