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The official arrival of the RPG The Legend of Heroes: Traces of Zero in the west was already very good news, especially since the publisher, NIS AmericaShe joined the fan team Geofrontas announced in June 2021, with the localization of other The Legend of Heroes games Nihon Falcon. Trails from Zero is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOG in Europe and the United States. The game costs €39.99 for download, and there are also several physical editions that are detailed in the rest of the article. In recent months, NIS America has continued to communicate about the game, detailing the improvements in several articles on Steam (we recommend reading them as they are particularly rich in information) and releasing various trailers. We have collected all the promotional videos for the western version, information about the game, images, illustrations and wallpapers in the rest of this article.

NIS America offers several physical editions. First, there is the limited edition that includes a special box, the SSS Classified Files artbook, the Anthems of Crossbel album which will contain 10 tracks from the game, the fabric poster Special Support Section, Assemble!, the Heroes of Zero acrylic stand and a steelbook.

There’s one too Deluxe edition (the default version of the game), which includes a selection of music in addition to the game the digital album “Songs of the City-State” (download code) and the Special Support Section Folder Mini Artbook. An artbook and a selection of music are also available on Steam for a limited time.

NIS America also offers an official Lloyd Bannings plush toy and a puzzle to reproduce one of the illustrations Katsumi Enami on the European store and the publisher’s official US store. NIS America also recently updated the game’s US official site.

Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure are part of the saga cross bellwhich takes place instate of cross bell. Zero is the fourth trail while Azure is the fifth. This saga benefits from a character design by the artist Katsumi Enami (who notably worked on Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Anamnesis and First Departure R, Ys VII, Baccano! and Restaurant to Another World and will be back for the new The Legend of Heroes, Kuro no Kiseki). Never officially released outside of Japan, they were given an English translation mod on PC by a fan team called Geofront. Zero’s was released in 2020 while Azure’s has been available for several months. Geofront’s work was widely appreciated and NIS America.

The Western versions of these two games on Switch, PS4, and PC are based on this team’s translations. NIS America confirmed this, and Geofront even posted a message on its website detailing the deal with the publisher. Team members were very happy to offer this opportunity, having worked so hard to ensure Crossbell games can benefit from the localizations they deserve. Therefore, knowing that all this work is going towards an official release is like the culmination of what they have been dreaming of. However, this agreement required them to remove the translation mods from their website, but Geofront is very pleased that we can finally officially support Nihon Falcom with the Western versions of Zero and Azure.

Trails from Zero was originally released in 2010 PlayStation portable. The game was then ported to PC in China in 2011, then to PS Vita in Japan in 2012, and then to PS4 in 2020. A final port was edited by Clouded Leopard Entertainment in Asia on February 25, 2021 on Switch and December 22, 2021 on PC via Steam. However, there are only Korean and traditional Chinese subtitles. In the western version on Switch, PS4 and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and GOGthat we can play with English subtitles based on Geofront’s translation, with only Japanese voices (NIS America has no plans to add an English dub). Note that it has been subtitled since the PS Vita version evolutionthe game has literally evolved, with improved graphics and more character voices. Then the game was remastered since the PS4 version with the subtitle Kai. The western version does not have this subtitle.

The Trails from Zero story takes place three months after the events of Trails in the Sky 3rd. The state of Crossbell finds itself in a particularly delicate situation in which two great powers, Erebonia kingdom and the Republic of Calvard, both claim sovereignty over Crossbell. The city is then torn by political tensions between the two powers, between corruption and organized crime… The famous protagonist of the Crossbell duology, lloyd prohibitionsis a detective assigned to the ss (Special Support Sections), one of the branches of the Crossbell Police Department. The saga also introduces Eli McDowellHeir to a political dynasty and granddaughter of the city’s mayor, Randy Orlando, a female ex-soldier, and tio platoa young girl with exceptional technological abilities.

Zero’s story begins when Lloyd decides to return to his hometown three years after leaving home to follow in his late brother’s footsteps. Here he only joined the SSS when he was normally with the police station. The SSS make it possible to do odd jobs and help those in need, but together with his new teammates, Lloyd will slowly discover that their once merrily bustling town harbors a dark criminal side and terrible secrets. The storyline will involve a territorial struggle between the major powers, and the characters will dive right into it as the department they belong to is derided by the media and despised by the rest of the CPD. They will keep fighting to make their town a better place as they uncover the dark secrets of Crossbell.

Nihon Falcom and NIS America promise an exciting storyline with a rich and refreshing world of mystery and adventure. Compared to previous installments in the Trails series, strategic combat has been refined for rich and satisfying tactical gameplay where you must exploit characters’ skills and teamwork. Thanks to the improvements of the last ports we can speed up the game with one mode high speed and fashion Skip This allows you to get through the dialogues faster and longer to better enjoy the exploration, combat, and story.

Lloyd Bannings returns to his hometown to follow in his late brother’s footsteps and join the Crossbell Police Department. However, he finds himself assigned to a new, mash-up department, the Special Support Section, tasked with small-scale missions and helping those in need. But he and his new colleagues gradually discover that the city harbors a dark crime district… and a series of terrible secrets.

Discover Crossbell in this exciting addition to the popular The Legend of Heroes series! The scene of an ongoing territorial struggle between the Empire of Erebonia and the Republic of Calvard, Crossbell has grown into a thriving city-state and one of the continent’s most important economic centers.

After a three-year exile, Lloyd Bannings returns to his hometown to follow in his late brother’s footsteps and join the Crossbell Police Department. But when he arrives, he learns that he’s been assigned to the new Special Support Section, which is responsible for small, unimportant missions. He then meets his new college friends, including Elie MacDowell, granddaughter of the city’s mayor, Randy Orlando, a female ex-soldier, and Tio Plato, a young tech genius.

Despite their service being ridiculed by the media and despised by the rest of the Chicago police force, Lloyd and his friends continue to strive to make their city a better place. In doing so, they are confronted with the criminal corruption that plagues their city. But they still don’t realize how much the town of Crossbell is threatened…

main features

Welcome to Crossbell: The beginning of an exciting story arc in the Trails universe begins in this iconic city-state! Discover a rich and fascinating game world full of secrets and adventures.

Refined Tactics Strategic combat has been refined for rich and satisfying tactical gameplay. Use powerful skills and rely on teamwork to defeat your opponents!

Your City, Your Story: Customize your gaming experience to suit your preferences with features like high-speed and skip modes, and speed up battles to keep you focused on the story and events around you. »

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